What a wonderful celebration! Alumni celebrated Mather High School’s 60th birthday through videos and photographs. The celebration included fun virtual chat where alumni reminisced, laughed and maybe shed a tear or two with joy!

Enjoy the celebration one more time!

We could not include every video we received in the event video. Check back and we’ll post many of them here so you can enjoy them as much as we did.

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle and Mather Trivia!


$100 Amazon Gift Card       Marcy Thaw, Class of 1968

$100 Target Gift Card      Dana Cummins, Class of 1993

$100 VISA Gift Card           Anton Farmby, Class of 1991

Mather Trivia

Debra Sisto, Class of 1980

Click here and take a look at the questions and answers!


A special thank you to everyone who helped make 60 Shades of Mather a great success

Renee Aloma
Monica Frias Betance
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Thank you to everyone who submitted videos and photographs!

Our sincere thank you to all our sponsors for their generous donations to 60 Shades of Mather . You are truly valued!

Valedictorian Sponsor

Wendy Gunther Margolis, Class of 1966

Salutatorian Sponsor

Carol Hellman Dragon, Class of 1965

Mather Ranger Favorite Sponsor

Monica Frias Betance, Class of 1977
Jeff and Sharon Bengelsdorf Prosansky, Class of 1968
Juliana Basko-Plluska, Class of 2000
Annette Weisberg Turow, Class of 1966

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Robert Breyer, Class of 1965
Howard Grill, Class of 1978
Joel Hellman,  Class of 1967
Teri Rudich, Class of 1966

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Eugene Frank, Class of Feb-1962
Debbie Berger Goodman, Class of 1966
Janis Tsugawa Jasper, Class of 1974
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Beverly Kolodny Siegel, Class of 1965
Sam Tenenbaum, Class of 1966
Jean Borssuk Zipke, Class of 1963

General Sponsor

Mark Anshel, Class of 1966
Janice Gordon, Class of 1964
Barbara R. Sonies, Class of 1963


You can still share your memories of Mather in videos!

Submit videos to share your favorite times at Mather! They will be shared with alumni on the website, e-mail bursts and Facebook. Contact us and we will tell you how to send them to us.

By popular demand!  Here's one of the best memories of all - Mather High School's Butter Cookies. Click here for the recipe. Let us know if they are as delicious as you remember them.


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