Mather Trivia

Thank you to everyone who played 60 Shades of Mather Trivia!  Here's the game. Test yourself - how many answers do you know?

  1. What was the name of the annual student written and produced play? Answer: Ruetama


  1. Who was the opponent of the only Mather football team to win the Chicago Prep Bowl? Answer: Brother Rice ( or who was the Coach? Answer: Ed Miller)


  1. What were the two names the Mather newspaper had over the years? Answer: Courier and FreePress


  1. In what room was Friday after school and Saturday detention usually held? Answer: Room 430


  1. After what coach was the Mather baseball field officially named? Answer: George Frcka


  1. What innovative application-only program came held its own graduation ceremony? Answer: The Law Academy


  1. (Up until building renovation) Where were Student Council meetings held? Answer: The Social Room


  1. To ease overcrowding, what was the latest class period ever added to the school day? Answer: 11th period


  1. What was the only Mather team to win an IHSA Championship? Answer: Boys’ Soccer (2011)


  1. Name (one of) the 2 clerks who worked together in the Attendance office? Answer: Mrs. Levitt and Mrs. Horwitz


  1. What was the name of the yearbook? Answer: The Dais


  1. What Mather alum went on to become an Olympian, professional Chicago sports team player and Coach? Answer: Frank Klopas ‘84 (Chicago Sting, Chicago Fire)


  1. What was the name of the activity involving the Seniors presented at the Homecoming Dance? Answer: Senior Skit (70’s and 80’s)


  1. For what reason would you need to see Mr. Myrant? Answer: Discipline, in trouble


  1. How many principals has Mather had through 2020? Answer: 8


  1. Over most of its history, what was the name of Mather’s home football stadium? Answer:Winnemac


  1. What after school program brought students from surrounding schools to Mather? Answer: Driver’s Ed


  1. What was the name of the Mather radio station? Answer: WMHS


  1. How many possible food lines were there in the lunchroom? Answer: 3